The treatment of kidney stones is a core area of expertise for Drs. Santarosa and Nurzia. Whether you have an asymptomatic stone incidentally found or are currently suffering through a painful colic episode, our physicians can help you.  Most kidney stones can now be treated either noninvasively or minimally invasively, as an outpatient. Even the largest stones can be removed via advanced percutaneous techniques.

Our philosophy is to render the patient stone free, and institute an individualized regimen to prevent recurrences. With thousands of stones removed, Stamford Urology offers the latest in state-of-the-art surgical options. If you are suffering from kidney pain or other kidney stone symptoms contact our office to schedule and appointment

Percutanous Nephrolithotomy (PCNL)- In the past, very large kidney stones required major incisions and long hospital stays. Such large stones can now be removed  with very small incisions, preserving vital kidney tissue. and minimizing discomfort and time off of work. Click on the link above for an excellent summary of the procedure from Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Ureteroscopy- When shock wave lithtoripsy is not appropriate or possible, many stones can be treated with minimally invasive endoscopy which can reach the stones without an incision, and remove them with laser technology. Learn more here.

Non and Minimally Invasive Kidney Stone Treatments:

KIdney Stones

Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL)- "Stone Blasting"  noninvasive treatment of stones using the concussive effects of shock waves to break up kidney stones from outside of the body- learn more from our colleagues in urology, Metropolitan Lithotriptor Associates, P.C.