PRotouch™ 1470 nm laser PVP

Enlarged Prostate (BPH)

Greenlight™ PVP


The symptoms of BPH or an enlarged prostate include a slow stream, poor bladder emptying,  getting up too often at night, and too frequently during the day. This condition affects over 30 million American men. Our urological practice is highly adapted to alleviating this condition with behavioral, dietary, and medicinal help available. Office based interventions are available. For more advanced cases, Drs. Nurzia and Santarosa are experts in surgeries ranging from the traditional to the latest in laser surgery.


Dietary and Lifestyle Advice- For many men simple adjustments can make the difference between a bothersome annoyance to tolerability.

Medical Therapy- Today's pharmaceuticals often can control BPH to the satisfaction and safety of the individual. Several categories of medication exist, with options within each category. For those averse to medication, Herbal and naturopathic alternatives exist.

Minimally Invasive Procedures - For the symptomatic patient who wishes for improvement and who wishes to avoid medication, or for when such medicine is ineffective, Less invasive surgical treatments such as Rezum water vapor therapy or Urolift.

For more bothersome or difficult cases Laser therapy via Greenlight or 1470 nm Diode Laser are performed by our surgeons. some men will require more formal surgery for their prostate, either due to emergency or progression of their problem. Drs. Nurzia and Santarosa are extensively experienced in these more complex procedures and can steer you through all the necessary pre and post-operative care.

As a fully equipped Urology clinic, we offer a thorough analysis of the patient with irritative or obstructive lower urinary tract symptoms. Our physicians and medical assistants will start with a thorough history and physical examination. Often this is enough to identify a diagnosis and generate a treatment plan. The International Prostate Symptom Score Index can provide a useful quantitative baseline for the severity of BPH symptomns. When further evaluation is necessary, we offer such advanced diagnostics as bladder scanning, cystoscopy, uroflow analysis, ultrasound, and urodynamic testing